Brevard County Has A Healthy Real Estate Market

… And I Have The Stats To Prove It.

Well that is a bold statement, isn’t it? Everywhere I look, whether online, in print, or on the TV when the topic of real estate comes up it seems like it’s the same message over and over again; the whole country is suffering from a “down real estate market“. I feel obligated to show you some stats that paint a different picture, at least in Brevard County Florida. I’ve compiled several charts using data from the Brevard MLS of residential sales to show you what I’m getting so excited about. Read more


Interesting Low Cost Marketing Idea

In my mail this morning, I found this interesting marketing mail out from a national surveying company. They actually included a new crisp dollar bill and a survey form. It’s a pretty effective way to get people to respond to direct mail out marketing. The survey would normally have been thrown in the trash immediately, but since they sent me a dollar, I decided to fill out the survey. It was almost like they struck my moral obligations by including the money. How could I not fill out the survey if I accepted the money?