Thunder On The Beach – Cocoa Beach’s 1st Annual Super Boat Race

With almost a 20 year absence in Brevard County, Super Boats International returned to Cocoa Beach this weekend with fantastic weather and adrenaline pumping racing action. It was an exciting weekend for Space Coast residents and thousands of people enjoyed the high speed entertainment. With speeds of up to 200 mph and the racers skimming on the ocean right next to the shoreline and the spectators, it was an incredible sight.

I snapped some photos of the second race which started at 1:00pm on Sunday. You can view the photos in the slide show below.

Soil and Sea Settlement

Warning Signs of a Sea Wall Near The End of Its Life – Potential Money Pit

While previewing a listing for an out of state customer last week I surveyed the property and surrounding area so I could give the buyers an objective opinion on the property’s condition and location. The home turned out to be a gem and it was listed at fantastic price, but it had been on the market for a while and it just wasn’t moving so I thought there had to be something wrong. Read more

Zombie closeup

Warning – Zombies Attack Downtown Melbourne – Local Residents Horrified

Killer zombies invade Historic Downtown Melbourne.

A well organized Zombie Flash Mob showed up around 6:30 pm last night in Downtown Melbourne. The crowd, estimated between 300-400 people/zombies limped and staggered their way through the streets as local business patrons were amused by the ensuing high jinks. After feasting on the innocent bystanders the zombies made their way to an open field. Once there, they were met by a small group of zombie killers who then acted out a full on battle between the undead and the living. Everything ended without any incidents and from all perspectives it was a peaceful and fun get together and no one’s brains were eaten.

Lansing Island Florida

Website Updates

I have made a some changes to a few of my city specific web pages. These changes include some navigation improvements, local photos which can be clicked on and inspected more closely, and some updated links. You can see the pages here: Indian Harbour Beach Florida, Satellite Beach Florida and Lansing Island. These are communities in which I specialize. Also these are the cities/towns and neighborhoods I grew up in.


Foundation Settling Issues With A House – Run Or Buy

A customer recently purchased a house that had some foundation issues, specifically it had severe settling on several outside walls. It was visually evident in several rooms inside the house so it wasn’t a surprise to the buyer when the home inspection company confirmed the settling of the foundation. Needless to say this enabled my buyer to purchase the home at a substantial discount because of the potential costs involved with raising the walls that have settled.

Read more