Effects Of Short Sales And Foreclosures Can Be Long Lasting

Credit CrunchWhile short sales are an alternative to foreclosure when a home owner is facing hard financial times, a short sale can have some unforeseen long term effects especially if the homeowner had a second mortgage or line of credit attached to the home. It seems many lenders are selling these unpaid depts to collection agencies which may not surface for years after a short sale. The same holds true for foreclosures.

People who lost their homes through foreclosure or short sales years ago because of  financial hardship are just now realizing they still owe lots of money. They may have even begun to get some financial structure back into their lives and now another hit to their credit.

Many of the dept collectors are pursuing these depts through legal means. The collectors have years to make claims and if successful in the courts they can even garnish wages or force repayment plans. In some cases the only resolve is to file bankruptcy or enter into dept negotiation.

My question is, why are consumers being protected from these lenders? While they created the unstable financial environment we are in now, they continue to be profitable. The banks were re-selling packaged loans to investors all the while they knew they were misleading the investors and the home buyers into thinking the loans were high quality with little chance of default. Unwise business practices were then rewarded by the government by giving large banks “tarp funds” which was nothing but a handout and then because of public outcry an “interest free loan” payable, whenever!

Easter Celebration at Wickham Park Melbourne

Rainbow ValleyThe Community is invited to come to an Easter Service Sunday April 4th 1 pm at Wickham Park Amphitheater Parkway Dr. Melbourne. The time is scheduled so that it will not interfere with other commitments.

What’s it about? It’s “A Celebration Of Salvation”. An outdoor worship service that includes a narrative drama that begins with the first day of the Passion Week and ends with the first Easter Morning.

Why go to a public park to do that? To share and preserve the truth publicly about Easter being a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as we tell the community the Easter story, and to have lunch that’s free to all that come after the service.

Is the Easter bunny & eggs banned from this event? No. At 3pm we’ll have a huge Easter egg hunt. Over 3,000 eggs will be ready to be claimed.

Again there’s no charge for anything. Offerings are accepted gratefully for expenses, which includes: rentals, fried chicken, baked beans, roll and drinks that’s free to all, handouts and over 3,000 eggs, gift prizes, jump castles and so on.

It’s an Easter gathering of the neighborhood community, sponsored by Jesus Is The Key Church, 250 N. Babcock St. Melbourne. All mail to: P.O. Box 372672
Satellite Beach, Fl 32937. jitk.org 724-8434 / 773-1489.

Or At a glance.

Easter Sunday Service In The Park 1pm
“A Celebration of Salvation”
Wickham Park, Parkway Dr. Melbourne
Free Lunch & Drinks Follows
Jump Castles*Giant Egg Hunt at 3pm OVER 3,000 EGGS
No Charge for anything. Offerings accepted gratefully
For more information call Jesus Is The Key 724-8434