Making Home Affordable Program

With the backing of the United States Treasury, mortgage servicers are making an effort to help homeowners preserve their home ownership.
If your home loan is adjusting or you have experienced a change in finances causing a deficiency hardship you may be eligible for a loan modification or refinancing on your primary residence.
Recently while watching CNN they mentioned a website that enables you to make an application for the Making Home Affordable Program. You can find it here.

Florida Bill HB 521 and SJR 532

The Florida State Senate recently passed two bills which have been supported by the Florida Association of Realtors.
HB 521, which has also passed the Florida State House, addresses the current problem that a homeowner has to prove that a county’s tax appraiser’s property tax assessment is incorrect. The homeowner usually was stonewalled in every effort to correct inaccurate valuation.
SJR 532 will limit increases in property tax assessments to 5% per year on all non-homesteaded properties. The bill also proposes an increased homestead exemption of up to $100,000 for first time home buyers.