About Kyle Hogan

Broker for My Florida Homes For Sale

From an early age I was fascinated by home design and the architectural styles of the northeast of the United States. The seeds of my future career took root in Lexington, Massachusetts. My family’s historic home had some serious character and I’ve found some of that character is still echoing within my soul. Although I wouldn’t realize the profound effect a home could have on a person until much later in life.

My family relocated to Brevard County Florida in the late 70’s. The move came about because my father took a new job with the Harris Corporation. We were all sad to leave our little town of Lexington but we were looking forward to the beach lifestyle my dad told us we would soon be a part of. According my father, home prices in Florida at that time were very affordable but loans were made at incredibly high interest rates. He said the interest rate on the home loan was over 14%. Yikes. Thank goodness loans are more affordable now.

Our 4 bedroom pool home was located in Indian Harbour Beach and was within walking distance of an elementary school and more importantly, the beach. It didn’t take long to for any of us to recognize how lucky we were to call this town of Indian Harbour Beach, home. We all quickly adjusted by losing our accents and learning how to say, y’all.

Many years had passed; I finished school, and as most youths, I felt the need to move out of the small beach town I spent my formative years and start my adult life. So I moved to Gainesville Florida to attend college at the University of Florida. College life was fun and very enlightening. The education helped my confidence and knowledge blossom. While attending school I found employment as a sales person at a successful retail business. Interacting with customers and helping them with their needs really struck a chord with me. I felt I found my niche. My employer saw my potential and advanced me to management. I excelled so quickly in learning my job the owner of the business made me a partner. After two short years we built a small company into a multi-million dollar business. My true entrepreneurial mindset had finally been realized, but I missed the beach life back in my home town. I set forth to return to Indian Harbour Beach and to take advantage of the growing business opportunities there.

Deciding to pursue my dream meant leaving a successful business behind, but I knew there was more out there me than retail sales. I needed something different. I wanted to sell a lifestyle, not a product. Suddenly I had a profound vision of my childhood home in Massachusetts. Thinking about that home’s architecture, its character, its charm, and the stories that happened inside those walls; so many memories sprung back to my mind, and then my home in Indian Harbour Beach – my family, my friends and the beach lifestyle. It was one of those light bulb moments you see in cartons. The idea of helping other people find homes to create their memories in and I wanted to show other people what these little beach towns in Brevard County had to offer. Again, it clicked. I discovered my real passion was for real estate and it seemed very clear to me that I had a great potential for it.

I studied the changing trends in the market while getting my real estate license. In 2002 I began my career as a Realtor carefully learning the complex nuances associated with home purchases. Things moved quickly and I discovered the secret formula to success. It was just the beginning my real estate career and I was already making my mark.

I can attribute part of the success to my early days as a Realtor in running that retail business in Gainesville where I learned about customer service. I had a lot of knowledge about real estate to share but more importantly, I listened to what people said. My personable and professional character allows me to build and maintain solid relationships, which is the foundation of his business, continually growing and building my client base from referrals and repeat customers. I am forever on the lookout for new methods and techniques for real estate marketing and I constantly try to improve my skills through education. All of my clients can testify the service they received was unparalleled; prompt, courteous and professional. I bring a new direction to the local real estate market with my aphorism, “global exposure and local expertise”.

There are many qualities that go into being an excellent real estate professional: integrity, in-depth market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how I work. That said, throughout my career working in the Brevard County area I’ve also found that providing high-quality service is essentially about putting my clients first – by keeping myself accessible, being a good listener and responding quickly to your needs. This “client first” philosophy has always been my approach. So when you decide to sell your home or purchase a new home, please call or email me. I’ll provide first-class service and an enjoyable experience.